Pepper Tokenomics

MYTE (ERC-20 Token)

MYTE is the utility token players can both earn and spend in the Pepper Attack game.
Token Name: MYTE Protocol: Ethereum Standard: ERC-20 Total Supply: 3,000,000,000


Mystic Pepper Owners (30%)

900,000,000 MYTE is available for Mystic Pepper owners (miners) to mine. The details are explained in the Mining Production section.

Public & Private Sales (15%)

450,000,000 MYTE is reserved for investors in private and public sales.

Game Operation (30%)

900,000,000 MYTE is reserved for the game operation (supplying the rewards for tournaments, events, quests, etc.). 40 percent of this is unlocked at launch, and 20 percent is unlocked after every 6 months. When this number is running low, Pepper Guild will supply MYTE by buying MYTE from the market.

Community, Marketing and Social Projects (15%)

450,000,000 MYTE is used to fund community events, member rewards, marketing initiatives, and Pepperfam’s social initiatives such as charity, philanthropy, and environmental conservations.

Team & Partners (10%)

300,000,000 MYTE is used to reward long-term partners who devote their time and talents to grow Pepper Attack. This treasure has a 2-year vesting period (50% after the first year and 50% after the second year).


There are 900,000,000 MYTE available for all miners. Mining Pepper cannot be used for other activities such as trading, leveling, battling, etc.
MYTE is distributed on 5 levels. If all available MYTE from a level is exhausted right before a new Mystic Pepper starts mining, it will automatically switch to the next level. The amount and production rate for each level are shown below.
The Pepper will receive the full amount of MYTE after the mining period is done. If the player retrieves the Peppers earlier, they will receive 20% of the prorated duration.


This section is not an example of the actual gameplay. It serves as a general model for MYTE earning and spending in the game.
MYTE is the utility token of Pepper Attack, so it will be used for most transactional activities in the game. Some players will spend MYTE, and some others will earn MYTE. In a healthy economy, it is a win-win-win situation where earners, spenders, and the Pepper Guild will operate in equilibrium. Here is a general system that facilitates this approach.


Players can earn MYTE from the following sources.
  • Adventure Rewards: Campaigns are single-play modes where players join in adventures and earn rewards along the way. These rewards are items that can be exchanged for MYTE.
  • Contests & Events Rewards: There will be events rewards to all users and PvP events that offer lucrative prizes to the top-ranking players. While many contests and events favor the strongest, there will be other forms of competition to allow players to win strategically by using other means as well.


What players can buy with MYTE:
  • Characters
  • Lands
  • Consumable items & weapons
  • Paid event tickets
  • VIP membership & Premium Subscriptions


While developing these tokenomics, we have received valuable reviews and suggestions from experienced players, community leaders, and tokenomics veterans from Pepperfam. A big thanks to all of you.
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